Bridging Singapore city beyond illumination

Five iconic river bridges,


Find out how the Singapore River was given a new lease of life and transformed to a unique city identity with LED lighting technology.

The light and the color really brighten up the river, making it very convenient for the tourists to get around and increase visibility for us boatman.
- Mr. Png Chin Huat, veteran boatman
The light and the color really brighten
The light and the color really brighten
Customer challenge

Customer challenge

Running through the heart of the city, the three kilometer long Singapore River is a tourist attraction with eateries lining its banks. Along this river are several historic bridges, some of which were built as far back as 150 years ago. These bridges were lit up but due to wear and tear, and dated technology, it was time for the river banks to be refreshed and rejuvenated.

The right lighting

Five iconic bridges along the Singapore River — Clemenceau Bridge, Read Bridge, Coleman Bridge, Elgin Bridge and Cavenagh Bridge were given a new lease of life when Philips lighting Singapore and its partners, Guthrie Engineering and Creative Lighting Asia spruced up the entire Singapore River with reliable, energy-efficient and vibrant LED lights.

ColorBurst Powercore lights were used on the Elgin Bridge to bring out the grandeur of the tall pillars, while a mix of ColorGraze Powercore, iColor Flex MX gen2 and Vaya Flood HP lit the other four bridges. The undersides of the bridges were lit using iColor Flex MX gen2 lights to give better visibility for boats and colored lighting was introduced at the underpasses of Elgin and Coleman bridges.

The advanced lighting control system installed allows the bridges to create unlimited color-changing possibilities to suit different occasions, creating a vibrant environment, while also keeping the area brightly lit and safe.

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