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        Product family information

        The innovative smart pole system UrbanWit has all you need toimprove your city in a single pole. From enhanced broadband connectivity, surveillance cameras, environmental monitoring with IoT sensors, you can lead the transformation to a smarter, connected, safer and healthier city with the help of smart pole. UrbanWit is remarkably compact, simple to install, cost effective to operate, reliable and expandable in the future.


        Elegant, multi-functional design.
        Concept revolution for fast scalable deployment.
        Connectivity to the smart city.
        Safe, Reliable & User-friendly.


        Based on standard base unit, available in a choice of styles, heights and colours. Customized mid-pole feasible.
        Pre-setting of high integrated modularized IOT units, for easier and standardized installation.
        Pre-setting in the factory.
        High voltage and low voltage electricity separately.
        Layer IOT units and tidy wiring.
        All IOT devices for smart city are connected and controlled by smart controller.
        Pass professional testing to ensure all the loadings according to static loadings requirement, windage factor.
        Ventilation slot on the base unit to ensure the heat dissipation from the electrical devices.
        Waterproof and Surge Protection 10KV in Philips luminaires.
        Over loading/over-voltage protection, leak-voltage protection.
        Different Layers of Authority of Access, and anti-Hack attack Protection in network set up.


        Campus and Landscape
        City Road
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