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      MHN-TD 250W/842 FC2 1CT/12
      MHN-TD 250W/842 FC2 1CT/12

      MHN-TD 250W/842 FC2 1CT/12

      Order code: 928078605121

      Full product code: 871150073400615

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    General Information
    Cap base
    FC2  [ FC2]
    Burning Position
    P45  [ Parallel +/-45D or Horizontal(HOR)]
    Life to 5% failures (min.)
    4000 h
    Life to 5% failures (nom.)
    5000 h
    Life to 20% failures (min.)
    5800 h
    Life to 20% failures (nom.)
    7000 h
    Life to 50% failures (min.)
    7500 h
    Life to 50% failures (nom.)
    9000 h
    ANSI code HID
    Footnotes HID 1
    Color characteristics may vary somewhat from one lamp type to another. Time should be allowed for the lamp to stabilize in color when it is turned on for the first time or if for any reason its operating position is changed. This may require several hours' operation, with more than one start. Lamp color and output may change temporarily if the lamp is subjected to excess vibration or shock. Lamp color characteristics may change after long accumulate operating time.
    Footnotes HID 2
    Performance may not be satisfactory unless operated within specified operating positions. (374)
    Light Technical
    Colour Code
    842  [ CCT of 4,200 K]
    Lamp Luminous Flux (Min)
    18000 lm
    Lamp Luminous Flux (Nom)
    20000 lm
    Colour Designation
    Cool White (CW)
    Lumen maintenance 10,000 hours (min.)
    50 %
    Lumen maintenance 10,000 hours (nom.)
    60 %
    Lumen maintenance 2,000 hours (min.)
    69 %
    Lumen maintenance 2,000 hours (nom.)
    75 %
    Lumen maintenance 5,000 hours (min.)
    63 %
    Lumen maintenance 5,000 hours (nom.)
    70 %
    Chromaticity coordinate X (nom.)
    Chromaticity coordinate Y (nom.)
    Colour Temperature, horizontal (Nom)
    4200 K
    Lamp Luminous Efficacy EM (Nom)
    80 lm/W
    Colour Rendering Index,horiz (Nom)
    Operating and Electrical
    Power (Rated) (Nom)
    250.0 W
    Lamp current run-up (max.)
    4.5 A
    Lamp current (EM) (nom.)
    3 A
    Ignition supply voltage (max.)
    198 V
    Ignition peak voltage (max.)
    3500 V
    Ignition supply voltage (min.)
    198 V
    Voltage (Max)
    110 V
    Voltage (Min)
    85 V
    Voltage (Nom)
    95 V
    Controls and Dimming
    Mechanical and Housing
    Lamp Finish
    Cap-base information
    na  [ -]
    Bulb shape
    T27  [ T 27mm]
    Approval and Application
    Energy Efficiency Class
    Mercury (Hg) content (nom.)
    16 mg
    Energy consumption kWh/1,000 hours
    277 kWh
    Luminaire Design Requirements
    Bulb temperature (max.)
    650 °C
    Pinch temperature (max.)
    280 °C
    Product Data
    Full product code
    Order product name
    MHN-TD 250W/842 FC2 1CT/12
    EAN/UPC – product
    Order code
    SAP numerator – quantity per pack
    Numerator – packs per outer box
    SAP material
    SAP net weight (piece)
    0.054 kg
    ILCOS code
    Installation Diagrams
    OpPos_p45.eps-Operating position
    OpPos_p45.eps-Operating position
    Performance Diagrams
    LDSL_MHN-TD_250W_842-Service Lifetime
    LDSL_MHN-TD_250W_842-Service Lifetime
    LDLD_MHN-TD-Light distribution diagram
    LDLD_MHN-TD-Light distribution diagram
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