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    Innovative solutions and improved productivity with safe and quality LEDs, enabled by Zero Capex* financing options.

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    For your needs today, and tomorrow

    At Philips, we enjoy handling lighting challenges and know we can provide the perfect, innovative solution for your unique need. Experienced in managing factory and warehouse lighting projects around the globe, Philips moves professional lighting forward with our connected lighting systems, taking you and your company into the new era of constant connectivity, delivering world-class illumination and extraordinary value wherever you need them, anytime.

    Intelligent warehousing

    Warehouses need to be efficiently operated around the clock, with optimal lighting that’s detects motion or smartly synced by zones. Low-maintenance highbay luminaires illuminate just the right spaces in the right manner, ensuring safety is never compromised while the facility stays energy-efficient.

    Smart factories

    Working with experts to understand how lighting affects workers’ morale, concentration and daily performance, we can help you create an environment that’s safer and less straining for everyone. With quality solutions for HACCP areas and cleanrooms, our dust-resistant luminaries come tightly sealed against contaminants, offering superior color rendering index (CRI) to ensure accurate visibility.

    Green parking

    All-day indoor car park lighting is essential for safety and security reasons. With Philips Green Parking, LED lighting is programmed in zones that light up when movement from approaching cars or people is detected. Dimmed otherwise, this gives you up to 80% energy savings without compromising on safety. Fully wireless, the system is also easily retrofitted into traditional installations.

    Fit-and-forget solutions

    Some lights are truly built to last. We think about your investments before you do, and with our low-maintenance, fit-and-forget lights that are dust-resistant and waterproof, for use across assembly lines, cleanrooms, exposed outdoors and half-sheltered loading bays, we can help prevent untimely failures that might disrupt your production.

    Lighting each facility safely

    Frisian flag

    Frisian flag

    Quality lights make all the difference to ensure workplace safety and optimal comfort for its employees.
    LSG SkyChefs

    LSG SkyChefs, New Zealand

    Not just bright lights, but safe lights fit for the most stringent food catering facility.
    One simple solution

    One simple solution

    GreenWarehouse system—one simple, bundled solution to zone your premises efficiently.

    Innovative solutions

    Improved productivity

    Safe environments and smart savings

    Why Philips connected lighting?


    Energy savings

    Get smarter with 24/7 zones, and reduce your energy consumption significantly


    Cost savings


    Innovative solutions with faster payback period that leads to sustainable cost savings


    Increased productivity

    Optimally productive lights to boost performance and reduce risk of accidents


    Ease of mind


    We know you care about workplace safety. Reliable, long-lasting and comfortable to look at, with quality housing and wiring that prevent shocks

    Using light to power Industry 4.0

    “In the warehouse, machines scan incoming orders and assign them to sections based on its shipment date and delivery address. Throughout the warehouse, light fixtures track the level of activity, flagging areas that are underutilized. Notifications are sent to logistics experts who will then review and propose a new space utilization strategy to ensure optimum usage of space. Back in the front office, humans are tracking each and every stage of the process, from manufacturing to warehousing and logistics, through data transmitted via LED light. This leads to tangible benefits including improved productivity and increased cost-savings.”

    Vikas Pahuja, Global Segment Manager,
    Industry, Philips Global Systems

    Optimal savings

    Optimal safety

    Fit for world-class facilities

    A hassle-free, simple switch to LED


    Plug and play


    Installed swiftly, LED lights are simple, instant replacements to upgrade your industry lighting system


    Smart savings


    Minimal maintenance means reduced operational costs and savings back to you


    Energy efficient


    Safe and energy efficient, go green and reduce your company’s carbon footprint


    Increased productivity


    Boost performance and improve your top line growth, achieving business excellence

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