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    Supporting a

    healthy environment

    Unilever storage and distribution center,
    Prologis Park Piotrkow, Poland


    Find out how LED warehouse lighting is contributing to a cleaner environment


    Unilever storage at Prologis uses energy-efficient Philips ambient lighting

      This project is also another
    step forward

    in the direction set by the ‘Sustainable life’ project, organized by Unilever, in which our company vowed to reduce its influence on the natural environment."


    - Mateusz Mikołajczyk, Junior Logistics Specialist, Unilever

    The Philips control systems at Unilever storage at Prologis

    Customer challenge


    Prologis is a leading force in industrial real estate. With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, it is a leader amongst warehouse leaders and managers. The company wanted to improve sustainability for its tenant at the park, Unilever. Could energy-efficient lighting help?

    The right lighting 

    The ‘sustainable life’ strategy, developed by Unilever, outlined several goals for the center’s development. The lighting had to be brightened to a normative level, creating a productive working environment and making the area more attractive. It also had to meet specific requirements for maintenance and energy consumption.

    Philips began with a light audit to assess the current system. It became apparent that by upgrading the light sources, we could reduce the total amount of fixtures needed. The T8 fluorescent bulbs were replaced with more efficient T5 ones. As a result, the total number of luminaires was dropped from 2,136 to 1,674. The new lights create an optimal working ambience, with bright, clean illumination.

    The new system is controlled by an intelligent lighting system, which adjusts the intensity of the bulbs according to the amount of daylight available. This has a cost-saving effect, as artificial light is never used more than necessary. In addition, the reduction in luminaires means that Prologis will spend less time and money on maintenance.

    The energy savings from the new warehouse lighting total about 40% a year. This amounts to 219,000 tonnes of C02. Thanks to the cost savings delivered by the new system, the investment will be paid back within four years.

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    Unilever Storage and Distribution Center


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