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    A Brighter Road

    to Energy Efficiency

    LED Road Lighting,

    Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


    Kuala Lumpur’s expressways have been given a lighting makeover with Philips LED lighting solutions that are in line with Malaysia's ongoing green agenda.

    Malaysia LED Road Lighting

    There are definite
     and visible

    enhancement in the overall lighting performance, as compared to the conventional Sodium Vapor solution. The visibility is definitely enhanced. The road now complies to all Malaysian standards."


    - Vennila Rajamanickam, Business Leader Professional Growth Market

    Malaysia LED Road Lighting

    Customer challenge


    With a lower life span, the old High Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPSV) solution resulted in higher maintenance costs. It was also important that visibility at night is improved.

    Malaysia LED Road Lighting

    The right lighting


    Kuala Lumpur’s busy expressways have been given a lighting makeover with Philips LED lighting solutions and services that are in line with Malaysia’s ongoing green agenda.


    The contract involved the installation of over 3,000 LED luminaries, the dismantling of the old lighting infrastructure, and the laying of new supply cabling for the entire system.


    Allowing more illumination for less energy input, the new LED lighting solution is expected to save more than 50 percent of the previous power requirement of the old lighting system. The city’s expressways are still as busy as ever, but the use of LED technology delivers high color rendering lighting, that helps provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and energy-efficient environment for a safe and enjoyable experience on the road.

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