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    luxury spaces

    Rafayel Hotel,
    London, United Kingdom

    Discover how energy-efficient lighting is enthralling guests at hotel Rafayel.
    Philips hotel lighting illuminates this Rafayel Hotel guestroom with energy-efficient lighting


    should be our overall goal, but without compromising on the luxury that the modern age offers us. I hope to offer guests exceptional value for a luxurious stay in a conscience-free oasis.”


    - Mr Ike Latif, developer of the Rafayel Hotel

    The bar at Rafayel Hotel utilizes energy-efficient hotel lighting from Philips
    Philips' beautiful and energy-efficient lighting in the Rafayel Hotel swimming area provides a relaxing effect

    Customer challenge


    Rafayel hotel wanted to give guests something special. As one of London’s newest luxury lodgings, based in a post-industrial area, it was important to deliver an exceptional guest experience. Could light help to create a sense of luxury and comfort?

    The lights in this Rafayel Hotel lounge helps provide a unique and memorable guest experience through light

    The right lighting 

    Philips hotel lighting provided dynamic ambience inside and outside the hotel. In the seven executive suites, which overlook the river, guests can recharge their batteries with ‘light therapy’. Operated via remote control, the smart lighting system allows guests to select from a menu of enjoyable ambience options.


    Within the public areas of the building, hotel lighting has been used to create a sense of glamour and sophistication. The lights have carefully been positioned to highlight the internal décor, while adding a comforting atmosphere to social areas. In the core of the building, where there are no windows, color-changing iColor cove fixtures have been used to re-create the natural light patterns occurring outside.


    The façade of the building has also been giving a stunning new look using LED floodlighting. These fixtures give the hotel an iconic appearance, without creating unwanted light pollution for neighbouring residents.


    Rafayel has set an impressive benchmark for other hotels to follow. The company has created a unique and memorable guest experience through light. And thanks to energy-efficient lighting, the hotel is doing its bit for the environment too.

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