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    Making room for
    long-stay energy savings

    Hotel Botanico, Tenerife


    Find out how Hotel Botanico is reducing energy consumption with LED hospitality lighting.

    The entrance at Hotel Botanico, Tenerife, is beautifully illuminated using Philips hospitality lighting

    We have

    almost all the dichroic bulbs in the hotel with Philips MASTER LEDs. Thanks to this our electricity bill has fallen by over 60% and we have reduced our impact on the environment by cutting our energy consumption by 55%.”


    -Alirio Pérez & Pedro Hernández

    The bar at Hotel Botanico, Tenerife, features LED spotlights from Philips hospitality lighting
    This Hotel Botanico, Tenerife, guestroom utilizes Philips hospitality lighting's LED Spotlights

    Customer challenge


    Hotel Botanico is setting a new benchmark for the luxury hotel industry. Belonging to the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ chain, it has continuously improved its services ever since opening in 1974. Seeking to reduce operational costs, the hotel looked to lighting for an answer.

    The conference room at Hotel Botanico, Tenerife, is brightly lit using Philips LED Spotlights

    The right lighting 


    The light renovation would involve fitting new bulbs in 6,000 light points across the hotel. This would cover rooms, corridors, meeting rooms, and other public places. Before the upgrade, the hotel was lit exclusively with 50w dichroic halogen lights, which required a high level of maintenance and used excessive electricity. This clashed with the hotel’s objective to provide the best facilities and services with minimum environmental impact.


    With this in mind, LED hospitality lighting was brought in. To maintain the existing illumination levels of the hotel and preserve the unique atmosphere and aesthetics, MASTER LED spot bulbs were chosen. These LED bulbs fill the area with a warm and welcoming light, and can also be dimmed for different mood settings.


    The upgrade was a complete success. Energy consumption has been reduced by more than 85% for each replaced light fitting. In addition, the new hospitality lighting has almost zero maintenance requirements, with an operating life of 40,000 hours (compared with 2,000 hours for the previous bulbs). This long life reduces disruptions in the hotel, and preserves the hotel ambience as there are no longer any blown-out bulbs.


    The new LED spotlights produce significantly less heat than their halogen counterparts. As a result, temperature in the rooms has been reduced by two to three degrees. Consequently, Hotel Botanico now spends less on air conditioning.

      Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam, MASTER VALUE is a perfect fit for spot lighting. Thanks to its high CRI, it realizes more natural colors, creating cozy and comfortable...

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