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    luxury affordable

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands


    Find out how CitizenM is using light to give guests a personalized hotel experience at an affordable price.
    Citizen M Hotel guestroom lit by Philips lighting

    With the
    help of Philips,

    we’re applying technology as an enabler to deliver a better customer experience and more cost-effective operations.”


    - Michael Levie, CEO of citizenM hotels

    Citizen hotel room illuminated by Philips lighting
    Philips lit the Citizen Hotel room

    Customer challenge

    CitizenM’s commitment to economical, quality hospitality is summarized in its slogan: ‘Affordable luxury for the people’. Could Philips lighting help the brand to improve customer experience while keeping costs down?

    The right lighting


    CitizenM’s customers know what they want in a hotel – stylish design, great value, comfortable rooms, free entertainment and a good location. Technology goes a long way to meeting these needs, and enables the company to provide a completely personalized experience. When guests book with a CitizenM hotel, they are given their own customer profile, which can be adjusted even before they arrive. Upon check-in, the hotel systems activate that guests’ profile, changing the environment around each guest’s preferences.


    Light plays a huge part in sculpting the hotel environment. Even as guests enter the hotel, they are greeted with an ambience suited to their needs. iColor Cove, Spot LED and LuxSpace are used around the hotel to create welcoming ambience with flexible brightness and hue.


    In the rooms, guests are treated to a luxurious lighting system that is controlled completely by the user. Our Ambient Experience concept enables the customer to change the lighting from bright, refreshing illumination, to warm soothing light, with fully flexible brightness and color. These changes are made via a hand-held device, MoodPad, which also adjusts the entertainment and heating systems. Thanks to a unique back-end network designed by Philips, all of these systems work together seamlessly at the user’s command.


    The fully personalized hotel experience is a welcome departure from the traditional feeling of anonymity in hotels. CitizenM also saves money both on electricity and maintenance, thanks to the low energy consumption and long lifetime of Philips lighting.

    luxury affordable

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