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    Staying alert

    with light

    Lindehof Health Centre,
    The Netherlands


    Find out how light is helping staff to stay alert at Lindehof Health Centre.
    The office at Lindehof Health Centre illuminated by Philips

    It is very light and the

    light is less

    tiring for the eyes due to the high light yield. I also save up to 50% on energy bills. Without the help of Philips Lighting Capital I would never have made this investment and taken advantage of all the benefits.”


    -Jan van der Meij, General Practitioner and co-owner of the Lindehof Health Centre

    The consulsting room at the Lindehoff health centre lit up by Philips Lighting

    Customer challenge

    The Lindehof Health Centre in Hazerswoude-Dorp is a multi-discipline medical provider. It houses a general practice, pharmacy, physiotherapy practice, and a Young People and Family Centre. Philips was tasked with providing lighting that would help staff stay alert and focused.
    Philips energy-saving LED lighting lity the examination room of the Lindehog Health Centre

    The right lighting


    The center owners care greatly about health. Not just the health of their patients, but that of the environment. For that reason, it was paramount for the center to be fitted with eco-friendly lighting that could also support wellbeing. However, cost was also a concern too. Philips Lighting Capital was able to help by providing a leasing arrangement for the initial investment.


    Once the project was given the green light, we set about installing energy-saving LED lighting. PowerBalance was used to bring visual comfort to work areas. It was chosen for its refreshing illumination, which is bright enough to do away with desk lamps, but does not cause any glare. Above patient beds, CoreView ceiling fixtures provide excellent visibility for medical staff.


    The lights are controlled by OccuSwitch DALI, which uses presence and daylight detection to adjust the light levels automatically, eliminating excess energy use.  “I’m really excited about the lighting,” says co-owner Jan van der Meij. “The light is pleasant and less tiring on the eyes because of its high lumen output.”


    Energy-efficient LED and smart lighting controls are making a huge difference. Compared with conventional lighting, the new system will save up to 50% in energy and associated costs. In addition, the lamps will not need to be changed for the next 20 years.

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