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    A bright future for a medical center

    Fanø Health Center,

    Nordby, Fanø, Denmark


    Find out how light is helping Fanø to retain highly skilled staff

    The circulation areas lit up by Philips Lighting

    Fanø will make a difference

    and we are therefore thinking and acting sustainably in every area.”


    - Municipal Chief Executive, Lars H. Olsen, Fanø Municipality.

    The outdoor of the Fano Health center enlightend by Philips
    Close up on the luminous textile panel

    Customer challenge


    Fanø Municipality had high hopes for its new health center. The 3,100m2 facility was host to all the island’s medical amenities and a training institution. But in order to keep a high caliber of professional staff on the island, something out of the ordinary was needed. Could new lighting help?

    The entrance of the fano center lit up by Philips Lighting

    The right lighting


    In order to retract and retain skilled medical workers, an attractive environment and modern facilities were needed. However, the municipality had other goals for the center. Given its location in the Wadden Sea, Fanø is highly exposed to changes in the environment and the climate. As a result, the municipality has its finger on the pulse of alternative energy solutions, and sought to utilize energy-saving LEDs.

    Cutting-edge lighting was rolled out throughout the center. Luxspace downlights provide balanced, uniform illumination across the facility, ensuring a safer environment for visually impaired people. ColorChaser Touch controls have been installed to alter the temperature of the lights in certain areas. This gives the center the ability to create a relaxing mood where necessary, alleviating the anxiety of waiting patients.

    The clear, high-quality illumination from LED has made the health center an enjoyable place to work in. What’s more, the new system is saving energy and cutting C02 emissions, and changing the lights to long-lasting LEDs has also removed the need to regularly replace 1,300 lamps containing mercury. Not only has the plan to retain skilled staff worked, but the center’s sustainability rating has been given a clean bill of health too.

    The new LED lighting at the center has cut energy consumption and C02 emissions by around 70%.

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