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    retail experiences

    Ted Baker,

    Glasgow, UK


    Find out how Ted Baker is creating an in-store appearance that wows customers

    Cloths at the ted baker retail store

    We try to design
    every store,

    concession and office as a bespoke unit, reacting to the building and location we are in. The overall design brief always includes special attention to lighting as this has a profound effect on the mood of the store.”

    - Mark Valerio, Head of Store Design, Ted Baker

    Customer challenge


    The latest Ted Baker store in Glasgow needed a unique lighting solution. To truly bring the building to life, the design team wanted an illumination concept that could change throughout the day and complement music played in the store.

    The right lighting


    Ted Baker is no stranger to bespoke lighting. The clothing giant treats every one of its stores as a unique location, and designs every interior to fit the building and the situation. For the Glasgow branch, Ted Baker wanted a dynamic lighting solution that could work alongside music in the store and create a vibrant, exciting atmosphere.

    “We often work with Philips more or less from day one”, said Head of Store Design Mark Valerio. “We work out what we need to do, with a basic lighting layout from an aesthetic point of view, then we speak to Philips about lighting levels, types of fittings and a few different cost options. We are also very keen to use LEDs to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and avoid access issues in areas with high ceilings.”

    The Philips retail lighting range was the perfect fit. A suspended raft system, supplemented by high-output eW Cove QLX ceiling lighting, was used for ambient illumination. Additional StyliD track mounted projectors were added to accentuate the merchandise displays. In the double-height space at the front of the store, where cove lighting was not an option, a two-tier customised lighting system was installed. The store now has a fantastic ambience that excites customers and accentuates the quality of merchandise.

    The new lighting is operated through a custom-made touch screen control panel. Staff can select from three dynamic themes, which simultaneously change the light setting and the music volume, changing the ambience throughout the day.

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