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    A little light adds
    a lot of charm

    Bruzgaal, University of Utrecht,
    the Netherlands

    See how light transformed a connecting passageway into an exciting break out area.
    Relaxing atmosphere with Philips lighting


    this room. So there are hardly any light reflections. With the LED modules used this will yield a very fine result. We can light the furniture and fittings in the walls in such a way that it looks as if they are illuminating themselves. Exciting but at the time very relaxing. It gives the area a special character which is very valued by users.”


    -Randolph Meekes, advisor to the Utrecht Facilities Company

    Relaxing atmosphere at the break out areas with Philips lighting
    Relaxing atmosphere at the break out areas with Philips lighting

    Customer challenge

    The Bruzgaal is a through-route which connects two buildings in the University of Utrecht. Reinvented from a library to a free time meeting and lounge space, the area needed a lighting concept to complement the new architectural design. Philips was tasked with bringing the Bruzgaal to life.
    Illuminating break out areas at the Brugzaal, University of Utrecht with Philips lighting

    The right lighting


    The Bruzgaal, originally a connection between two buildings, runs over a bus lane between the Van Unnik building and new library at the Utrecht University. Measuring 45 by 13 meters, the space is scattered with furniture for students to relax in. Lighting this area would have to complement the new color scheme, which involves black on the walls, floor sections and heating units, and red and yellow accents in the furniture and the floor.


    In order to retain the character of the architectural design, invisible light fittings providing minimal beam distribution were needed. The new LED concept answered this perfectly. LEDline2 and Celino strip lights were used to create seamless curtains of light, while Fiorenza twin spotlights were used to directly illuminate furniture, ensuring visibility for reading.


    What could have been a wasted space has become an area that students love to relax, study, and meet in. A lasting improvement through illumination.


    The LED spotlights, hidden in ceiling beams, provide intense but narrow-beamed illumination, giving the impression that the light is appearing from nowhere.


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