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    An old factory becomes a

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    Lighting the Toffee Factory in Newcastle

    Discover how a once-derelict building is boosting business and culture.
    Toffee Factory - Lighting Case Study - Philips lighting

    Toffee Factory has   amazing

    lighting and looks stunning at night, and what better way than turning our chimney into a giant ‘glow stick’ to raise awareness of Newcastle and Gateshead’s late night culture event, ’The Late Shows’.''
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    two people sitting in front of the toffee factory

    Customer challenge


    Abandoned in the 1950’s, this disused toffee factor was destined for demolition until Newcastle City Council decided to convert it into high-end office space. But how could a dull eyesore be used to attract new businesses to the area?

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    The right lighting


    "With its dull Victorian brickwork, the Toffee factor was direly in need of some color, so we added Philips ColorGraze and ColorReach linear floodlights around the four arches of the factory and landmark chimney. These fixtures use an RGB system that can produce virtually any color in the spectrum. With light shining up from the edge of the walls, the building now glows with vibrant colors that can be seen from miles away.


    The lights are controlled with Philips PowerControl system, which is programmed to provide dynamic color changing effects. The system enables the colors to be changed as often as needed, and their brightness can be dimmed from maximum to nothing. Flexible control means that the building owners can easily change the lighting for special occasions.

    The main building is lit with static white eW Graze PowerCore floodlights, which uplight the walls from below with dramatic effect. These vibrant and powerful lights make the Toffee Factory stand out proudly along the skyline, with a glow that..."

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