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    A look fit

    for a king

    Royal Castle,
    Warsaw, Poland

    Find out how the Warsaw Royal Castle is brought to life with LED exterior lighting
    Attractive lighting make Royal castle at Poland to stand out

    Thanks to the
    new lighting,

    the shape and architectural details are revealed at night, showing the beauty of the castle.”


    - Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Rottermund, Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw

    Exterior of Royal palace at Warsaw, Poland nicely lit by Philips lighting

    Customer challenge

    The Royal Palace is the pride of Poland. Dating back to the 15th century, its regal statues and ornate façade inspire all who see it. However, castle officials wanted a new illumination concept that would show the immaculately preserved castle in its best light.

    The right lighting 

    The old castle was long overdue for a fresh lighting concept. Officials wanted the new system to highlight the building’s amazing architecture and preserve the color of the façade. It was also important that exterior lights were not visible from afar, and would not interfere with the movements of vehicles or pedestrians in Castle Square. Much like the castle walls, expectations were high.


    LED lighting was ready to go the distance. In-ground floodlights now bring the castle to life at night, supplying clean white light with excellent color rendering. The hue of the castle façade was preserved perfectly, and the lights create dramatic shadow effects that intensify the building’s majestic appearance. And because the fixtures are recessed into the ground, they stay inconspicuous and avoid creating any obstructions.


    Additional accent lighting draws the eye to the roof, where eW Graze linear luminaires illuminate the statues. With crystalline light shining up at them from below, the figures are given an angelic appearance that stays in the viewer’s memory. After dusk, the castle looks arguably even better than it does in the daytime, wowing visitors with its grandiose architecture and impressive architectural lighting effects.


    Using LED systems for the exterior lighting has reduced energy consumption by 70%. What’s more, the floodlights have a life cycle of 50,000 hours; roughly 10 years of maintenance-free operation.

    Preserving a
    majestic appearance

    The Team

    Royal Castle


    Piotr Linca (Xeno Lighting)

    Lighting designer

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