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    Offering exceptional
    viewing experience

    EDUCITY Sports Complex,
    Johor, Malaysia


    EDUCITY Sports Complex champions exceptional sports viewing with unique lighting solutions.

    EDUCITY Sports Complex

    The new lighting solutions

    have fulfilled

    our expectations on providing a world-class sports complex with a favorable sporting environment, be it day or night, for both competitive and recreational sporting events"


    -Muhammad Suhaili Azid, Assistant Vice President, EDUCITY Development

    EDUCITY Sports Complex
    EDUCITY Sports Complex

    Customer Challenge


    EDUCITY consists of various sports facilities which includes both indoor and outdoor sports arena. Therefore, the developer is looking for a lighting solution that can met the different lighting requirements for each individual sport. Aside from specific sport requirements, the lighting also had to offer excellent color rendition and glare control with minimum spill light to avoid light pollution.

    EDUCITY Sports Complex

    The right lighting


    Taking into account the technical requirements for stadium lighting, the Philips team suggested the use of ArenaVision for the soccer and indoor stadium, OptiVision for the indoor Stadium, ConTempo and Landmark for the swimming stadium.

    The luminaires were carefully chosen to achieve the desired atmosphere. Adequate lighting levels, good uniformity and freedom from glare were achieved as it was designed with the well-being of players, officials and spectators in mind.

    The right combination of Philips lighting solutions used in the stadiums was able to offer good visibility, excellent visual comfort and minimum glare.

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