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    Luminous #14

    Inspiring Lima


    Lighting designer Claudia Paz created BCP Affinity, an interactive façade for the building that changed the face of one part of the city.

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    Inspiring Lima

    Transparent media facade


    An interactive student project at Ryder Hall Art Studio, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

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    Translucent media façade


    This intriguing feature also demonstrates the potential of our Outdoor Lighting Application Center in Lyon, France.

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    OLAC 10 09 2014 Photo Grégory Picout (85)

    On being a phototect


    Academic and practitioner Nathalie Rozot, based in New York, talks about her exploration of the potential of the discipline.

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    Lighting Application Center



    A showcase for light


    Take a look at our new Lighting Application Center at our headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


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    A contrast in black and white

    Visitors to the center pass from a dark corridor to a bright, white lounge



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    Learning by seeing and doing


    Two contrasting areas showcase the wonder of light and allow visitors to explore its potential

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    Going shopping


    Contrasting retail experiences have been cleverly designed to stay fresh


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    on factory floor

    On the factory floor


    Visitors go to a car-assembly plant, a warehouse and a food-processing unit.


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    Working environment


    This simulated office has a ceiling crammed with technology


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    Designing light objects


    Students at Ecole Bleue, Paris, France, came up with innovative ways to use OLED technology.

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    Re-think the ceiling


    Introducing the revolutionary OneSpace illuminated ceiling

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    Material and color dialogue


    Exploring the potential of RGBW and RGBA mixing

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