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    UrbanStyling solutions for cities

    UrbanStyling solutions for cities


    The UrbanStyling range makes it possible to create coherent solutions to street furniture rather than having to coordinate lots of different elements.

    The UrbanStyling range from Philips provides a practical toolbox for professionals in urban development and design to address the problems of street clutter that grow from the addition of different elements of furniture and fittings over time. When the decision is taken to restructure urban areas, the selection of lighting and other furniture products from different suppliers can be a challenging task for urban planners and landscape architects.


    The challenge lies in how these designs fit together, both at night and during the day. It requires discussions by architects about individual products with a number of suppliers. Families of different products, that convey identity and style in a consistent manner and have been designed for a diversity of uses and lighting scenarios, may be the answer. This UrbanStyling solutions enable professionals in urban design to create unobtrusive and generic lighting solutions that blend in with the rest of the street furniture and architecture. They have been designed for a diversity of uses and lighting scenarios, while giving cities a consistent identity.


    The range includes bollards, structures, wall-mounted and street lighting solutions and street furniture. Poles of different heights and various brackets connect harmoniously to luminaires, offering a wealth of compositions, varying from classical to contemporary or modern designs. With this toolbox you can select the styles you believe best fit the context of your project.


    These modular solutions act as a practical “toolbox” for urban planners, landscape architects and other specifiers. They allow designers to play with the quality, effects, rhythm, texture, distribution and colour of light to facilitate the creation of fully Personalized “light environments’’.