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    An unrivaled combination of light quality and efficiency

    An unrivaled combination of light quality and efficiency


    Steve Dean, founder of LAPD lighting consultants, has designed the new ProAir luminaire which is specifically aimed at the retail market, offering great adaptability and ease of use. It has grown out of his understanding of the retail market.

    Dean described the new design as “a professional lighting tool, designed using LEDs from conception. We wanted all the beam options available, using the best-in-class LED.

    ”He was aware of retail operators’ suspicion of LED, but now, he says, “Philips, using its latest advances in chip and driver technology, has developed LEDs with a CRI (colourrendition index) greater than 90, leading efficacies and useable outputs, tailored into a cost effective and simple form.

    ”Dean’s work has involved a considerable amount of retail design, both for large store groups and individual small retailers. For them, attracting customers is of paramount importance. This means, he says, “You have to create the environment that the particular retailer wants, one that suits the requirements of their customer base. They will want an environment that is exciting and interesting; in some cases that may mean varying the contrast and intensity of light, or creating attraction just by changing thecolourtemperature of the lighting applied to consistent surfaces. The key, in my opinion, is the adoption of proven technologies that are simple and easy to implement and maintain. Subtlety and impact are key drivers; the fun is finding the best way to balance the scales.”


    Steve Dean
    Pro Air

    ProAir has a gear pod on the side that is designed so that the most up-to-date gear technology can be accommodated, from the very simplest, which will only occupy about a third of the space, to the most fully addressable using DALI technology, which will fill the entire pod.


    The design is deliberately neutral because, Dean said, “We do not want anybody to like or dislike the physical form of the design. If you create emotion, some people will love it but some people will hate it. It is very clean, classic and simple”



    ProAir has a unique commissioning knuckle that will enable visual merchandisers to adjust the fittings as they work, even whilst trading, using a commissioning pole that fits in the knuckle between the barrel and the gear housing, allowing them to adjust the lighting quickly, while remaining at ground level. “If retailers fail to maintain the look of their store, then they will simply miss out on sales and, in the current climate, this is not an option,” Dean explains.
    From right to left, Glenn Campion, Steven Dean & Oliver Ling examine the ProAir luminaire