Light + Design,
    Luminous #13

    The power of light


    Massimiliano Fuksas, the internationally renowned architect, talks about his profound interest in the way that light behaves in his buildings

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    Massimilioano and Doriana Fuksas designed this lamp of combinable polyhedrons for the Fiera di Milano

    Embracing the night


    Chilean lighting designer Paulina Villalobos talks about her Noche Zero project, bringing together people from different disciplines to understand the importance of dark skies

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    The skies of Atacama are so clear that it is home to some of the world’s most important telescopes

    How does design influence our choice?


    Architect Noah Yaffe of Steven Holl Architects and Raymond van Ee, principal researcher at Philips, discussed in their Luminous Talks presentations how designers can shape our perception of space

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    Daeyang Gallery and House in Seoul, South Korea, offers an unusual relationship between the building and the landscape



    Ekinox Arena at Bourg-en-Bresse illuminated by Philips

    A world première


    The ArenaVision floodlighting system was pioneered at the new Ekinox Arena in Bourg-en-Bresse, France to satisfy some very special requirements.


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    Woman is checking her reflection at an AmbiScene mirror at House of Fraser

    Time to change  

    London department store has transformed the feel of its changing rooms through clever use of lighting.

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    Section showing relationship between Turbulences and the rest of the adapted building at Electronic Shadow



    The extension to an arts centre in Orleans, France has a central interactive element that represents its experimental spirit

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    Going forward together


    Philips’ collaborations with architects stretch back over more than 50 years. The latest example is reflected in the redesign of the famous Philips’ shield.

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    The new building at the Outdoor Lighting Application Centre has a facade that can be lit in 70 different ways. Architect: Espace project

    Resolving urban space


    The UrbanStyling range of street furniture allows designers to use coherent solutions while still giving them design freedom

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    Resolving urban space

    Retail made easy


    In designing the ProAir luminaire, LAPD has responded to the particular needs of the competitive retail market

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    The luminaire is simple and elegant to look at, is flexible, easily adjusted and uses the latest and best technology

    Luminous #13

      Light + Design


    This issue of Luminous looks at three fascinating projects – a new stadium that pioneers LED floodlighting, a way to improve the ambiance of changing rooms, and a museum beacon that uses changing patterns of light. There are also interviews with Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas and Chilean lighting designer Paulina Villalobos.

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    Luminous 13

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