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Imagine having straightforward and efficient control over cutting-edge LED luminaires, right from your desktop. This is finally possible thanks to our CityTouch lighting management platform, intelligent LED luminaires, services and successful partnerships with local municipalities and service providers. Welcome to the future of city lighting.

For people

Dynamic, flexible lighting can adapt to the changing requirements of your citizens. Shine light where it’s needed, and transform your city into a vibrant, exciting space where people feel at home after dark. At the same time, avoid over-lighting and energy waste, with automated dimming schedules.

A lighting operator looking at the CityTouch platform on his screen

For lighting operators

Manage your lighting more easily and effectively than ever before. The CityTouch platform lets you view and control your entire illumination infrastructure with a click of your mouse. Intelligent monitoring helps you create energy savings and plan maintenance. Innovative street luminaires can be controlled remotely and adjusted to any light level.

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For municipalities

Create a greener, safer, more cost-efficient urban environment. Lighting accounts for about 50% of the electricity consumption in urban areas. But with IntelligentCity, you can reduce energy use by up to 80%, boosting sustainability.

New possibilities

New possibilities

IntelligentCity lets you create the perfect city ambience while keeping your lighting operations safe and sustainable. With advanced management applications at your fingertips, you will have detailed insight into the status of your smart lighting whenever you need it.

Plus, you’ll be able to set up and manage strategic lighting schedules. For example, you can program street luminaires to get brighter around the time that people leave bars and nightclubs, increasing safety. You can set lights to dim as the sun comes up, or gradually brighten as it goes down, saving energy. The possibilities are endless.

Connecting city


View and control your city’s entire lighting infrastructure from one user-friendly interface. Get detailed status reports, set automated dimming schedules, and create maintenance jobs with a click of your mouse.

Intelligent luminaires

Intelligent luminaires

Street lighting that modern cities can be proud of. These energy-efficient luminaires fill your streets with clear, dimmable light. Connection-ready upon installation, they communicate wirelessly with your control desk via the public mobile network.

Connecting city

IntelligentCity Services

Philips offers dedicated IntelligenCity end-to-end services, that will relieve you in several tasks and limits the risks of your investments.



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Join a global lighting movement

We already have constructed more than 100 intelligent lighting installations worldwide - from smaller cities like Salobre in Spain up to megacities like Buenos Aires in Argentina. Whether you are a large or diminutive city, intelligent lighting will help you create a greener, safer, more livable community.

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