MVP507 Optivision

Optivision MVP507 C

Optivision MVP507 C

Optivision MVP507 C

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Product family information

An asymmetric luminaire for down lighting that combines a compact design with very high efficiency. It provides excellent spill-light control and limitation of glare and upward leakage of light. It accommodates metal-halide lamps for good color rendering or high-pressure sodium lamps for economical operation. Available with narrow, medium and wide beams.


Excellent spill-light control; limitation of glare and upward leakage of light is secured by asymmetric optics that achieve peak intensity at 60° and a sharp cut-off of light at 80°
Flexibility of application because of availability of 3 different beams for MHN-LA 2000W lamps and specific wide beams for MHN-LA 1000W and SON-T 1000W
The MHN-LA 1000W and 2000W/842 lamps guarantee pleasant and natural color rendering (Ra = 80) and a comfortable atmosphere (Tc = 4,200 K)
Integrated protractor scale for aiming
The optional build-in safety switch ensures that the mains current is cut off as soon as the flood light is opened, only in MHN-LA lamp versions
The compact, low-weight luminaire, together with the low drag factor, enables savings on mast costs
Housing dustproof and waterproof to IP65; no internal cleaning required
380/415V versions equipped as standard with series ignitor and terminal block in the aluminium connection box on the bracket
220/240V versions equipped with aluminium connection box for mains supply connection
Semi-parallel ignitor is installed on a separate gear tray
Specially designed heat fins to provide optimal working conditions for lamp and reflector system


Sports facilities
Industrial areas
Car park
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