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Dynalite LED PWM Controllers

Sophisticated yet simple energy-efficient lighting control solutions

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      Capable of directly driving LED fittings, the Dynalite LED Dimmers use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to great effect.
      Perfectly suited to Red, Green, Blue (RGB) color changing applications, chase sequencing or provision of elegant scene settings. The Dynalite LED drivers come in a range of configurations to meet the compatibility requirements of many of the available LED fittings. Each device is ready to receive native DMX allowing them to be used in color mixing or chase sequence applications.


      Directly drive LED fittings with pulse width modulation technology


      DMX512 compatible — Capable of receiving native DMX512, allowing use in color mixing or chase sequence applications, such as those found in display lightingDiagnostic functionality — Device Online/ Offline status reportingFlexible mounting solution — A DIN-rail mountable device, designed to be installed into a distribution board or other electical enclosureNaturally ventilated — Requires no forced cooling or maintenance.


      Retail and Hospitality, Office and Industry
      Public spaces, Stadiums and multi-purpose Event Centers
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