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Halogen Low Voltage – long life, low costs

Halogen Low Voltage

Halogen Low Voltage

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    The long lifetime of most of the Halogen Low Voltage lamps is further extended by the unique P3 technology developed by Philips. This allows the lamp to be used at higher temperatures, thereby extending the lamp’s lifetime, reducing early failures, and resulting in fewer maintenance man hour costs. P3 also ensures consistency of high-quality light output, and allows the lamp to be used in any burning position, which enables more compact fixture designs. In addition, the compact filament produces a clean white light and high beam intensity for true natural colors on stage and without any hotspots.


    Suitable for low-cost luminaires


    Colour temperature: 3100 K
    Very compact filament enabling high efficiency
    Optimum between light and life
    Even light distribution over the entire beam
    Universal burning position


    Moving beam luminaires
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