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MASTER TL5 Circular

MASTER TL5 Circular

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  • Lamp Luminous Flux
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    Product family information

    16 mm tube diameter circular fluorescent lamps with a choice of various diameters


    Slim 16 mm tube allows creation of extremely flat luminaires
    Allows appealing circular designs
    High lamp efficacy
    Good colour rendering
    Temperature independent light output
    Higher average system efficiency


    Perfect circular shape
    Highly efficient 3-band fluorescent coatin
    Specifically designed for operation with electronic gear
    Can be ignited from -15 to +50 °C
    Amalgam technology


    Brings the benefits of TL5 lighting to an even wider range of attractive applications
    Suitable for a wide range of professional and semi-professional applications
    Ideal for use in shops, offices and public areas with non-traditional lay-outs
    Amalgam lamps are limited suitable for dimming applications
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