Small OLEDs,
big possibilities

Lumiblade OLEDs

A sculpture designed with Philips OLED lighting

Want to create something unique with light? Take a look at OLED, the organic lighting technology of tomorrow available today. These innovative panels are only 0.7mm thick, but they produce bright illumination with a visual quality unrivalled by other light sources.


The OLED panels can be arranged side-by-side or on top of each other to create versatile illuminated surfaces, thanks to their clever modular design.

Bringing your creative visions to life


OLED Lumiblades are opening new doors for creatives, designers and architects. The flat form of OLEDs means they can be used to illuminate a wide space evenly, even if it involves sloping surfaces. This was previously impossible using conventional LEDs and lamps.


As soon as they are turned on, the entire surface of the OLED delivers pleasant, non-dazzling light at a quality that other light sources and systems cannot achieve.

An interactive wall made by Philips organic lighting

Philips Lumiblade OLED Panel Brite FL300


Now you can integrate powerful, warm light into almost anything. The Brite FL300 is one of the brightest commercial OLEDs in the world, producing 300 lumens over 144 cm2. Philips is using four of these in our first ceiling-hung OLED luminaire called ThinAir, which will be launched in 2015.


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Philips Lumiblade OLED Panel Brite FL300

Philips LivingSculpture 3D module system

Planning a light installation is particularly challenging when the design is not only in one plane, but when free space is built in with light. Until now, successfully realizing such a project required extensive planning and enormous technical expertise.

With the LivingSculpture 3D module system, designed by Christopher Bauder/WHITEvoid, Philips Lumiblade has created a system that allows the user to focus on one thing: the design.


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Philips LivingShapes interactive wall – a truly inspiring installation

Amaze and entertain visitors, with an interactive OLED wall that lets you play with light.


This futuristic fixture at first appears to create beautiful light effects at random. However, it soon becomes clear that the wall reacts to people around it. Sound and motion are detected by a hidden mirror and microphone and recreated by the OLEDs, allowing you to see yourself reflected as a living light form.

The Mimosa installation, designed by Jason Bruges Studio, to showcase the possibilities of Philips’ Lumiblade OLEDs (organic LEDs)
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