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Simply switch to CDM Elite or Evolution for long-lasting

sparkle and irresistible cost savings

Philips MASTERColour CDM lamps add a unique sparkle to everything they illuminate, creating a punchy store ambience that attracts customers. A simple switch to CDM Elite or Evolution gives you the irresistible combination of best light quality and low Total Cost of Ownership.


Little wonder that our lamps are the clear preferred choice for shopsaround the world, with more than 220 million Philips CDM lamps sold since 1994!

Mastercolor CDM

We are constantly evaluating our lighting designs.”



Alan Chisholm,

Engineering Manager, M&S


Families in this range

  • MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution
    MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution
  • MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini GU6.5
    MASTERColour CDM-Tm Mini GU6.5
  • MASTERColour CDM-Rm Mini
    MASTERColour CDM-Rm Mini
  • MASTERColour CDM-R111
    MASTERColour CDM-R111

The strength of
a Philips system

To enhance the performance of your CDM lamps, we recommend using either AspiraVision or PrimaVision drivers. The two components have been developed hand-in-hand with each other, undergoing extensive testing before they are approved for release. The result is light performance that’s optimized to ensure CDM lamps have pure sparkle that lasts.


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