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Taking sustainability

to the next level

Philips Lumileds, Penang, Malaysia

LED lights take sustainable, cost-efficient lighting to the next level at Philips Lumileds.
Philips Lumileds Malaysia

With Philips
LED solutions,

we were able to attain 30% energy savings as compared to our old facility”

- Chooi Chin Leong, Managing Director for Manufacturing Operations, Philips Lumileds Malaysia

Philips Lumileds Malaysia
Philips Lumileds Malaysia

Customer Challenge

Philips Lumileds Malaysia is relocating its existing manufacturing plant to a bigger location. With the move, it wants to further utilize the use of its LUXEON® LED products while showcasing its factory to customers and visitors. Philips Lumileds also wanted only energy-efficient lighting solutions and the lighting fixtures must be consistent with its Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy.
Philips Lumileds Malaysia
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The right lighting

Extensive customization was conducted by Philips Lighting to achieve the factory’s lighting needs in every area of the manufacturing plant. The specific requirements involved more work to select and redesign based on the existing Philips products. Some products were also specially made for this project.

Integral to the project was the lighting of the production area. The Philips Lighting team used a minimum of 500 customized LUXEON® LED lights Cleanroom fixtures that provided excellent functional clean room performance to achieve hygienic, clean room facility standards, while offering low maintenance and energy efficiency.

With Philips LED solutions, Philips Lumileds were able to attain 30% energy savings, as well as being able to showcase their factory and possibilities of LEDs to its customers and visitors.

  • Cleanroom LED
    Cleanroom LED
    Customers operating highly hygienic facilities – in hospitals, laboratories, and certain production environments, e.g. in the food industry – require special IP65, easy-to-clean, d...
    • Excellent functional cleanroom performance
    • Market-leading energy efficiency; extremely low operational cost over total lifetime
    • Excellent quality of light with high color rendering
  • DayZone
    For general office lighting, customers want to capture the benefits LED technology has to offer – sustainability and fresh, high-impact design, without compromising visual comfort....
    • Inspiring design
    • Sustainable solution
    • Visual comfort

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