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Giving shopping

a new experience

Harvey Norman,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Retail store enhances shopping experience and achieves energy savings with Philips lighting solutions.
Harvey Norman

Philips provided 
a one-stop service

right from manufacturing our luminaires to the completion of their installation in our outlets. They also assisted us in keeping our energy consumption and maintenance costs lower"


- David Kumar Arumugam, Operations Manager, Harvey Norman Malaysia

Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

Customer challenge


Lighting is an important tool in retail marketing. Good retail store lighting can be used to target and attract new customers, build store image and subtly persuade the customers to purchase your merchandise. Harvey Norman believes that strategically placed retail store lighting will appeal to the customers and enhance the shopping experience.

Harvey Norman
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The right lighting 


Harvey Norman Malaysia teamed up with Philips Lighting to meet its lighting requirements. The Philips Lighting team conducted a lighting audit before and after installation to provide a clear insight into the possibilities and benefits that the new lighting system could offer.

LED downlights such as LuxSpace were used for the walkways of the store to help guide customers through the store. Other LED lighting solutions were also used for accent lighting in the other areas of the store. Additionally, the TV area used ToBeTouched DALI controls that enable customization to control, so that buyers can tone down the lighting to view the contrast of the TV screens in various lighting conditions.

Philips Lighting provided much more functionality than being simple sources of illumination. Using Philips modern light fixtures added drama, as well as improved the overall ambiance and look of the store.

  • Scrabble MBX/QBX500 C
    Scrabble MBX/QBX500 C
    Scrabble is a complete range of gridlights comprising frames for 1, 2, 3 or 4 adjustable cardanic luminaires for compact discharge and halogen lamps.They are available in recessed ...
    • Full freedom of configuration from a complete range of gridlights with 1, 2, 3 or 4 adjustable cardanic luminaires
    • Individually adjustable cardanic systems offer full freedom for accent lighting in various directions from a single, elegant gridlight
    • Designed for use with a choice of compact discharge and halogen lamps
  • Zadora LED, adjustable
    Zadora LED, adjustable
    Zadora LED is a range of recessed adjustable downlights for MASTERLEDspot lamps. They come in ready-to-install KIT versions including the MASTERLEDspot MV lamp. MASTER LEDspot deli...
    • Offers significant energy savings compared to halogen
    • Easy to install (direct mains connection) and maintain (long lifetime of MASTER LED)
    • Easy to order as lamps are included

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